Konstantin Ostergaard (Østergård) is a human-turned-Naga born in Helsingør, Denmark, September 25th, 1914 (currently age one-hundred-and-three in 2017) on a rural farm. Raised by a poor family which he was close to, Konstantin remained determined to study medicine despite his class. At age nineteen, Konstantin was married to a woman (Maja Ovesen) whom he married at age twenty. It was at this age that Konstantin’s behavior disorder became obvious. After his father died after being attacked by a large ‘canine’ while tending to his livestock. Blaming himself for being unable to save his father, Konstantin locked out a majority of his companions and kept only his mother and lover close. Two years after this major loss, Konstantin and Maja bear a child. Still attempting to study medicine on mainly animals without a tutor or qualified institute, Konstantin had began to spend more time caring for his father’s land. The labor of tending to such a large plot caused Konstantin to develop an impressive physique, his form was one of the main reasons he was eligible to join the Nazi party’s forces around 1940 (when Hitler originally invaded Denmark). Learning of the organization’s motivations, Konstantin fell for their propaganda. From here, his hateful views developed. Passing through life idolising Hitler, Konstantin became stoic to all other hardships. Displaying exceptional physical capabilities and lack of empathy for those who opposed the Nazi regime, Konstantin was assigned to Denmark’s Lorenzen Group. From there, Konstantin had began to lose the ability to show sympathy for others who were not of the same alignment as himself. He gained the reputation for being a vicious torturer who enjoyed his occupation. Before the disbanding of the Lorenzen Group